From accounting firms to stock brokerages to insurance companies and beyond, the finance industry is not only high-stakes—it touches nearly every facet of our lives as consumers. And because the industry’s regulatory structure is one of the most complex and nuanced in the entire legal system, a strong attorney team can make a million-dollar difference—if not more. Federal and state laws guiding finance practices, in addition to regulators and other organizations, impose a strong burden on the industry to remain in compliance with critical legislation. The AALRR team has the experience and the capacity to guide companies in the financial services sector through everything from mergers and acquisitions to bankruptcy and restructuring.

AALRR’s financial services team draws its expertise from real-world experience—several of our attorneys have previously served in the private sector—and that truly sets us apart. In addition to having a breadth of knowledge in the field, team members also have the advantage of drawing from the firm’s rich resources in related areas, such as tech, accounting, and litigation. Our combined talents allow us to create a tailor-made solution to the most complex legal problems, to serve you both effectively and efficiently.

We serve insurance brokers, accounting firms, government agencies, banking institutions, and a range of other clients, helping them with a multitude of matters most relevant to them, including: financing and restructuring, whistleblower laws, executive compensation, the Dodd-Frank Act, FDIC investigations, and litigation. Legal issues the financial world are complicated. With AALRR, you’re investing in a team who can walk you through them with ease.


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