“We have partnered with AALRR through some challenging times and complex legal matters during our long association with them, and we have been reassured by their support, skill, and advice. Our relationship with AALRR is so strong, that they were recognized this year by our Board for their service to the South Bay Union School District.”

Katie McNamara, Ed.D., District Superintendent, South Bay Union School District

“It is very reassuring to know that we have the expertise of AALRR to assist us in facing complex legal issues. Our District has utilized the services of this firm for several years. During this time we have worked with AALRR and received advice and services across many areas. The attorneys and staff of AALRR are always readily available and provide timely services enabling us to carry on the work of the District from a confident legal standpoint.”

Dr. Anne Staffieri, Superintendent, Ramona Unified School District

“AALRR is an outstanding firm on so many levels.  That the firm ranks among the elite in the nation with respect to minority equity partners and attorneys in general is something that all of you can be proud of.  As a minority, I can speak first-hand with respect to the obstacles that we face in getting ahead.  When organizations take to heart the need to be very proactive and “affirmative” in their actions to bridge gaps and offer real opportunities to those who have, in the past, been held back it warms my heart.” 

J.E., ADR Professional 

“Your firm has always enjoyed great, if sometimes grudging, respect from the trades. Your integrity has always been above reproach.”

Kato Cooks, President and CEO of The Kato Cooks Companies

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