AALRR recognizes that the long-term supply of surface water, groundwater, reclaimed water and desalinated water is critical as resources have been scarce throughout the State. Our attorneys have represented wholesale and retail public water agencies on a wide range of environmental, financing, water law, and water utility issues, including related litigation. We understand the California water institutional structure, and the state and federal law and regulations that impact water from every possible perspective, which enables us to serve our clients’ diverse needs effectively. This includes experience representing public agencies on current drought law and regulations, the UWMPA, and on issues related to water rights and adjudications, supply and planning (SB 610 and 221), storage and transfers, and quality. Attorneys at AALRR have successfully represented public agency water right holders in six separate groundwater basin adjudications.

Our public agency clients sometimes become involved in administrative hearings and civil litigation disputes. These encompass the full range of public law issues, including water rights; land use disputes; ordinance enforcement; construction contract disputes; allocation of water resources; eminent domain and inverse condemnation; fees and charges under Articles XIII C and D of the California Constitution (Propositions 218 and 26); and validation of bond issuances.



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