Public Agency AALRR Workplace Violence Prevention Plan ToolKit™ 

Public Agency AALRR Workplace Violence Prevention Plan ToolKit™
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Public Agency AALRR Workplace Violence Prevention Plan ToolKit™ 

AALRR public employment and Cal/OSHA attorneys have developed a framework to assist public agencies in the creation and implementation of a required Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP). The AALRR Public Agency WVPP ToolKit  identifies basic WVPP requirements to develop a plan specific to your agency to maintain a safe and secure work environment that is in compliance with SB 533. 

Under SB 533, public sector employers have unique meet-and-confer/bargaining obligations regarding the development of a WVPP.  Agencies should forecast the anticipated timeline and steps needed to meet the July 1, 2024 implementation date. 

NOTE This purchase is for the Public Agency WVPP ToolKit™ which has been developed specifically for public entities. Other plans are available for the private sector and educational institutions.

Private Sector         K-12 Education Institutions      Higher Education Institutions

The Public Agency ToolKit will highlight the vital framework of a compliant WVPP, such as:

  • Policy Statement – A general policy statement of the agency refusing to tolerate any form of violence in the workplace and making every effort to prevent violent incidents from occurring by implementing a WVPP.
  • Applicable Definitions – The definitions of workplace violence, including the types of workplace violence that employees must be trained on.
  • Responsibility – The persons responsible for the Plan and how employees can be actively involved in developing the Plan.
  • Coordination – How the agency will coordinate its Plan with any other agency/employer whose employees work at their facilities.
  • Communication – The processes and procedures the agency will use to communicate with its employees, and how employees can communicate their concerns, thoughts, and suggestions to the agency.
  • Compliance – All employees are responsible and will be held accountable for using safe work practices, following all directives, policies, and procedures, and assisting in maintaining a safe and secure work environment.
  • Reports of Workplace Violence – The procedures the agency will use to accept reports of workplace violence, and how employees can report violence to law enforcement.
  • Response to Workplace Violence – How the agency will respond to workplace violence, including workplace violence emergencies.
  • Hazard Assessment and Correction – How the agency will perform inspections, identify and correct hazards.
  • Record Keeping – The records the agency must keep, including the new Workplace Violent Incident Log.
  • Review– The agency and designated employees must review the Plan annually and when any incident of violence occurs.
  • Training and Instruction – The required training that all employees must receive, including the required training intervals.
  • Incident Investigation– The procedures for investigating incidents of workplace violence threats and physical injury and communicating the results of the investigation to the required parties, including involved employees.

Disclaimer: This AALRR Public Agency WVPP ToolKit™ is a framework for compliance with the requirements of SB 533. It is the agency's responsibility to modify this information, including clearly defining hazards, responsibilities, and protective measures to be taken, as well as detailing training to be provided, which are specific to your workplace.

Payment for the AALRR Public Agency WVPP ToolKit™ is by PayPal/Credit Card only.

Purchase Price:
The cost of Public Entity WVPP TooKit™ will vary. Client and non-client fees below. 

Base Rate/Non-client Fee - $899*

AALRR Client Fee - $699* (use WVPPClient event code to receive client discount)

*Before completion of the transaction - please contact with any questions.  

This information from the Firm of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo (AALRR) may be confidential or privileged. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity provided the ToolKit Contents. Be aware that any unauthorized disclosure, copying, or distribution of the contents of the ToolKitis prohibited.

NOTE - forms and information created are accurate as of the date of receipt from AALRR. Be advised that information changes and requirements may be updated.  Contact your regular AALRR attorney for updated guidance or with your questions. Regular hourly rates may apply. 


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