PIHRA - Coachella Valley Chapter - What’s An Employer to Do in the Age of Medical Marijuana?

Program: 10:00am - 11:30am
Location: Sportsman Lodge

Join partner Bill Bentley as he presents at the Coachella Valley PIHRA district in September. Mr. Betley will discuss What’s An Employer to Do in the Age of Medical Marijuana?

Drugs in the workplace are a very complex issue. Curbs on pre-employment questions, challenges to post employment drug testing and contradictory laws regarding medical marijuana have left employers uncertain with how to deal with this issue.

This session will address how the existing rules apply to issues such as drug testing, medical marijuana in the workplace, ADA considerations and current legislative trends. Employers will be provided with the necessary guidance to ensure compliance with applicable laws, and maintain workplace safety and standards.

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Michael Wales II


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