IVEAC - Workplace Bullying

Program: 8:00am - 10:30am
Location: AALRR Conference Center

Join aalrr partner, Bill Betley as he provides a seminar of Workplace Bullying.

From the school yard to the workplace, bullies have always been around to torment their targeted victims.  With the advent of social media, those targeted by bullies have been particularly vulnerable to attack.  This cyber bullying has resulted in the tragic deaths by suicide by some of those targeted teenagers.  Because of those deaths,  public awareness and concern over this problem has led to legislation being passed to monitor and curb bullying in schools.

Despite this legislation aimed at protecting students and teachers, bullying remains very much a part of the everyday private sector workplace.  This growing societal problem has led to the passage of California legislation requiring manager training on the issue of “abusive conduct” in the workplace.  However will this be enough to eradicate bullying in the workplace?  Does the new legislation make bullying illegal?

This seminar will be aimed at identifying the causes of bullying in the workplace, how bullying is defined, what can be done to stop it and what the future holds for anti-bullying legislation. 

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Jackie Cervantes


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