The Best Biglaw Firms For Minority Attorneys Who Want To Make Partner


While more than 30 percent of law students are minorities, only 15 percent of lawyers and less than 9 percent of partners are attorneys of color. In fact, the number of minority equity partners has only increased from 7.08 percent to 7.87 percent since 2015. Racial diversity in law firms seems to have effectively flatlined, leaving minority lawyers at a disadvantage. Making partner remains the gold standard, but with so few people of color having attained this achievement in Biglaw, it’s enough to make minority attorneys leave their firms in search of more fruitful endeavors with the government or in-house.

At some law firms, however, it’s a completely different story. At some law firms, minority attorneys are mentored, sponsored, and pushed to build networks that will allow them to receive an invitation to the equity partnership ranks.

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