Attorney Sharon Ormond Quoted in "Community College Journal" Regarding Free Speech on Campus


Since the 2016 election, campus free speech has been news with ever greater frequency. An article in the February/March issue of Community College Journal took a deep dive into the issue, focusing on the central question: What constitutes freedom of speech?" AALRR attorney Sharon Ormond was quoted throughout the piece. Ms. Ormond has worked with educational institutions for years and frequently provides counsel to colleges and districts when First Amendment issues arise. In the article, titled "A look at free speech on campus," Ormond suggests colleges take a preemptive approach to these issues. The article states, 

"... early education can prevent situations from escalating and can protect campuses. A good place for colleges and districts to start is to regularly assess free speech-related policies. Be aware of where the potential issues might be, and make sure that every rule and restriction in place--particularly in terms of creating 'free speech zones'--is necessary and supported by substantial interests, Ormond advises. 'For example, if you're requiring notice to use an area of campus for free speech, ask yourself why are you doing this?' Ormond says. 'If you're setting a specific number of days for advance notice, why?' All policy requirements should be 'justifiable and defensible,' Ormond says."

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