ACSA 2015 Symposium - Negotiations: The Bridge to Student Success

Location: Portola Hotel & Spa

Join us, as multiple AALRR attorneys speak at the ACSA 2015 Symposium - Negotiations: The Bridge to Student Success!

Even in tight budget and fiscal times, there are certain training events and professional development opportunities which should continue as it directly relates to the work we do in schools. The Negotiators' Symposium is one of these events. Having a well trained and informed negotiation team provides the framework upon which school change and ultimately student academic success is built.


January 14th

Negotiating in a High Tech World - William A. Diedrich

January 15th

Grievances - Anthony P. De Marco

Employee Discipline/FRISK - Barbara J. Ginsberg


Event Contact

Keesha Clark


Event Speakers

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