AALRR Breakfast Briefing | Teamwork in Collective Bargaining: Finance, HR and Legal on the Same Page

Program: 11:30am - 12:30pm

AALRR Welcomes Guest Speakers:

Michele Warren, Director of Human Resources

Lori Ann Farrell, Finance Director

City of Huntington Beach

With the advent of fact-finding under AB 646, collective bargaining has become even more complex. Now more than ever, pain-staking preparation and ongoing communication is imperative.

Join us as we discuss a synergistic approach to the bargaining process. Our panel will discuss the following topics:

  • Laying the financial foundation for productive bargaining
  • Anticipating fact-finding and preparing accordingly
  • Targeting contract language for revisions
  • Costing contract proposals
  • Presentations by finance during the bargaining process
  • The roles of finance, HR and legal in fact-finding

Join us for this complimentary informative session!

Space is limited: Register early, deadline May 2

Event Contact

Jane Novotny Guesnon


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