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Our 20th Employment Law Conference will feature twelve breakout sessions of employment related topics, a general session, and a featured guest speaker.

Some of the day’s topics will cover: wage and hour, employee management, leaves and reasonable accommodation, and an employment law update.Through its annual Employment Law Conference, AALRR is committed to bringing you the best and most up-to-date employment law changes and analysis.

Please join our team of talented attorneys and staff to celebrate the Conference’s 20th Anniversary and to hear the latest employment-related developments while learning to identify and address risky employment practices to reduce your organization’s exposure to claims and litigation.

We are excited to host our 20th Anniversary Conference, we thank-you for joining us over the years and bringing your expertise and enthusiasm to our gathering. We will continue to learn from, and be inspired by, one another as we continue to navigate the California employment arena.

We are pleased to announce our headline speakers for 2019.  Steve Cadigan and Dr. James Doti.

Steve Cadigan, former VP Talent at LinkedIn, will join the 2019 Employment Law Conference speaker line-up as our morning general session keynote.  Steve is one of Silicon Valley’s hottest speakers when it comes to people, talent, and culture. As Founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures LLC, a Silicon Valley-based talent strategies advisory firm, Steve helps organizations worldwide develop winning talent solutions. Steve has delivered presentations at numerous conferences and for organizations, including Stanford University, Google, and the Harvard Business Review Summit. Steve also advises fast-growth tech companies like Twitter, Google, Eventbrite, and GoPro.  The groundbreaking work Steve did at LinkedIn as the executive responsible for culture, leadership, talent, and organizational development is widely seen as the textbook example of how a company can leverage its culture to scale profitably in record time.

We are thrilled that Steve has agreed to join us in 2019 for our 20th anniversary edition of the Employment Law Conference to deliver a unique presentation with tips to thrive in the digital era, strategies for retaining and attracting talent, and the future of leadership.

Dr. James Doti, Ph.D., has confirmed his participation as our afternoon keynote. Dr Doti, has served as Chapman University’s president since 1991. He is President of Emeritus, Donald Bren Distinguished Chair of Business and Economics.

We welcome Steve Cadigan and Dr. James Doti.

CHEERS to Twenty Years! - See you there!

Check back for updates and further details.

Shuttle Service will again be available in 2019. 

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