2015 CALPELRA Annual Training Conference ~ The Keys To Surviving Impasse

Program: 1:15pm - 2:45pm
Location: PORTOLA HOTEL & SPA De Anza 1

2015 CALPELRA Annual Training Conference ~ CALPELRA Adventure (In Search of Labor Relations Knowledge)

October 19 - 23, 2015 ~ Monterey, California

Enter a world of twisted danger, divergent plots, and archaeological intrigue as you search for the mysterious jewel of labor relations knowledge and professional skills, a jewel that allows those who possess it to rewrite destiny. Full of action-packed adventure, CALPELRA's Annual Conference will inspire you to be resilient, brave, strong, flexible, and positive... to exude creative confidence, focus on goals, escape tight spots, and live adventurously.

AALRR partner Jay Trinnaman will speak at the 2015 CALPELRA Annual Training Conference. He will present...


The Keys To Surviving Impasse

While the ultimate goal of collective bargaining is the mutual agreement between the public agency and the union, that agreement is often illusive. Without mutual agreement, an agency is faced with the difficult choice of continuing to try to strike a deal or declaring impasse. How an agency answers the critical questions concerning the impasse process can either lead to the successful imposition of terms of employment or to an unfair labor practice charge. When and how do you make a proper declaration of impasse? How do you properly prepare for impasse resolution? What are the requirements of impasse resolution? Join this session for an in-depth discussion of those impasse issues that an agency needs to fully understand before ever beginning the collective bargaining process.


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