2015 CALPELRA Annual Training Conference ~ Public Sector Investigations: Exploring Proper Techniques

Program: 1:15pm - 2:45pm
Location: PORTOLA HOTEL & SPA De Anza 2

2015 CALPELRA Annual Training Conference ~ CALPELRA Adventure (In Search of Labor Relations Knowledge)

October 19 - 23, 2015 ~ Monterey, California

Enter a world of twisted danger, divergent plots, and archaeological intrigue as you search for the mysterious jewel of labor relations knowledge and professional skills, a jewel that allows those who possess it to rewrite destiny. Full of action-packed adventure, CALPELRA's Annual Conference will inspire you to be resilient, brave, strong, flexible, and positive... to exude creative confidence, focus on goals, escape tight spots, and live adventurously.

AALRR attorneys Irma Rodriguez Moisa & Marilou Mirkovich will speak at the 2015 CALPELRA Annual Training Conference. They will present...


Public Sector Investigations: Exploring Proper Techniques

What are the unique characteristics of employment investigations conducted by public agency employers? In this session you'll learn about strategies for dealing with those challenging issues that can arise during a public sector investigation, including First Amendment protections, public safety employee interview admonishments, and the interplay between employee Skelly rights and the confidentiality of the investigation. 


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