Facilities, Construction and Property Associate - Northern California

We are looking for an associate to join our Facilities, Construction, and Property team in Northern California.  This position can be located in Pleasanton, Sacramento, or Fresno.  Please send resume, cover letter, and writing samples to hiring@aalrr.com.

  • 2-5 years of experience and knowledge preferred in:
    • Public agency procurement and contracting, including public contract law, bidding processes and requests for proposals;
    • Public works, including bid protests, prompt payment, stop payment notices, false claims, suretyship and prevailing wage law;
    • Real property transactions, including due diligence, entitlements and public agency compliance issues;
    • General agency law, including the Ralph M. Brown Act, the Public Records Act and conflict of interest law;
    • Pre-litigation dispute evaluation and resolution, including government claims procedures;
  • Excellent research and writing skills;
  • Ability to handle and manage, with supervision and oversight, contract preparation, revisions and negotiation ensuring legal compliance, risk management and reasonableness;
  • Ability to communicate in person and through various forms of telecommunication with multiple clients and convey a level of professionalism and competence in terms of both the legal issues and the strategic practical issues in public procurement and related disputes;
  • Self-starter with willingness and ability to take ownership of a matter, develop a course of action and follow-through under professional oversight;
  • Strong self-awareness of strengths and limitations, and desire for professional training and mentorship
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