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With the August 31, 2010 deadline for legislative bills to be passed a week away, several employment-related bills are working their way through the California legislature to Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk.

A trio of bills were recently enrolled and should reach the Governor’s desk shortly:

AB 2340 (Monning) Bereavement Leave - This bill would allow for three days unpaid leave for bereavement ...

AALRR represents Flooring Solutions of Nevada, Inc. ("FSI") in a dispute with the Painters Union. After FSI's labor agreement expired in early 2007 the Painters claimed to continue to represent FSI's employees. The Painters' claim was based upon a card check clause in the expired agreement and unilateral steps the Painters took just before contract expiration. A National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB ...

Last week, in a long-awaited decision, the California Supreme Court handed employers a setback by holding that age-related comments by non-decision makers can be relevant and admissible as evidence in age discrimination cases. In the case of Reid v. Google, Inc., the Court specifically rejected the "stray remarks doctrine," by which any remarks made by non-decision making co-workers or decision-making supervisors outside the decisional process were deemed irrelevant and insufficient to support an age discrimination claim.

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