Good News: CalPERS Reports an 11.2% Investment Return for the Recent Fiscal Year

Today CalPERS reported a preliminary 11.2% net return on investments for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017. This new figure brings CalPERS’ Total Fund performance to 8.8% for the past five years, 4.4% for the past ten years, and 6.6% for the past 20 years.

Applying a seven percent discount rate (also known as the assumed rate of return), CalPERS estimates it is now 68% funded, a three percent increase from the prior fiscal year. Investment performance is one of several factors affecting the total CalPERS fund. Other influences include contributions from employers and employees, as well as monthly payments to retirees.

The robust returns on investments should reduce contribution levels for the State of California and school districts in fiscal year 2018-19 and for contracting cities, counties, and special districts in fiscal year 2019-20.

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